CARTON shapes and sizes

For over 60 years, Visy has provided customers with the most innovative, protective and eye-catching packaging in the business.


Carton Shapes and Sizes

Visy supply a wide range of carton shapes and sizes from 200ml to 2L

Gable top beverage cartons are the first choice for packaging a large range of beverages. Convenient, safe, easy to use - they are preferred by consumers and associated with premium fresh content.

Our customers enjoy the premium quality and performance of our cartons, from off-set print quality to exceptionally stable sealing and all in a wide range of sizes and formats.

Filling machines are capable of filling at least 3 sizes on a single machine making it a very versatile platform, coupled with the unique features outlined below there is a flexible packaging solution for everyone and with the capability to quickly change or modify designs you are sure to find the right combination to suit the market.

Available in sizes ranging from 200ml right through to 2 litre, contact a representative now to discuss your needs.

Classic style

The original classic shape gable top carton. Instantly recognisable and associated with fresh content world wide. Can be combined with a number of opening and spout types to suit a variety of liquids.

Curve style

Uniquely shaped curve feature adds a new dimension to the gable top carton. The curved panel on the side of the front panel enables a new, innovative means of communicating messages to consumers and ensuring the design is noticed on-shelf.

Diamond style

Adds the versatility of a curved upper panel allowing for a much larger than normal spout. Combined with a wide diameter spout for unparalleled pouring capability even with high viscocity liquids such as high pulp juices and yoghurts, or even just the simple convenience of a large spout with milk.

Diamond Curve style Cartons

Combine both the curve and diamond features for a truly unique and practical carton. The combined features create a truly modern looking carton with the added functionality of a larger spout and the marketing space of the curved panel on the side.


A narrow (57x57mm) footprint allows you to target an entirely new market segment. Whether it’s small portions you are after or the convenience of a small footprint on the shelf, the range of mini cartons are proving a hit with consumers. Available in Classic format or add curve or diamond features. The diamond feature allows the use of a standard diameter spout.