Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company and for over 60 years has provided customers with the most innovative, protective and eye-catching packaging in the business.

about us

Fully integrated packaging and recycling solutions

Visy is a global leader in the packaging, paper and recycling industries, providing high quality, innovative packaging products and solutions. We have been leading packaging innovation in Australia for over 60 years.

We offer unique, fully integrated, forward thinking closed loop packaging and recycling solutions that align with customer and industry needs. Our manufacturing and processing, materials science, logistics and design are part of a streamlined system that ensures our packaging solutions are consistently among the best in the world.

Visy operates in over 120 sites throughout China, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, and has trading offices across Asia, Europe and the USA.

Globally, our teams are aligned to deliver integrated and sustainable solutions that enhance business success and reduce our impact on the environment.

At the heart of our business is our entrepreneurial culture, where innovation, creativity and our partnership approach combine to create amazing packaging solutions. We are attentive and responsive to market needs and global trends that translate into greater packaging value for our clients  - be that product protection and preservation, aesthetic design, functional design, and more.

Fully integrated, forward thinking closed loop packaging and recycling solutions

Sustainability is a pillar of our business

Fundamental to everything we do


Sustainability is fundamental to everything we do at Visy - from the products we make, to the ways we make them. We believe sustainability is central to our future as a business, so it plays a part in every decision we make.

Building a sustainable business involves more than protecting the environment. It is about how we affect the world around us, and all the people that live in it. As a sustainable business, we believe we're better able to help everyone - whether it's by making our employees safer, our local community healthier, or our customers more profitable.

Limiting our impact on the environment is one of our key missions. We take responsibility for the entire lifespan of our products - from conception through to when they are recycled into something else.

Recycling and waste recovery leaders

One of Australasia’s biggest and most innovative recycling companies

Australia is one of the world’s leading recycling nations, and Visy is proud of its long standing role as one of Australia’s biggest and most innovative recycling companies.

Visy has a deep-seated commitment to manufacturing with recycled materials, and has invested years of research, development and technology innovation into making it easier to recover recyclable materials to preserve our earth’s precious resources.

Visy has invested millions of dollars in developing new ways to collect, sort and process recyclable materials and enable the creation of new products from what is discarded by households, schools and businesses.

Across Australia and New Zealand, Visy recovers and recycles materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, steel, aluminum and glass, which otherwise would of been destined to landfill.

As an industry leader in innovation and sustainability, Visy is always looking for new ways to improve its products and services to better suit our customer's needs.


China - paper & beverage carton expansion

48 years experience manufacturing paper and more than 40 years of developing innovative beverage carton solutions

Visy has been a long-time proponent of Australia establishing stronger and deeper business ties with China, which is Australia’s largest agriculture, forestry and fisheries export market.

Visy has over 48 years of experience manufacturing paper, and more than 40 years of experience developing innovative beverage carton solutions for its clients.

All of this operational knowledge is being drawn upon to expand our operations globally, including China. Visy currently has 3 paper warehouses in China - in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin, and a trading office in Shenzhen.

China also offers extraordinary growth opportunities for Visy’s end to end beverage cartons solutions business, which includes a wide range of gable top packaging for fresh milk, fruit juice and other liquid foods & beverages.